How to Generate Your First Ecommerce Store Sale Using Facebook Ads


Congratulations, you’ve just arranged an ecommerce store – so what now?

Probably, the following point on your own to-do list will be work out how you will get your first purchase.

You will find hundreds of ‘tricks’ that you can use to generate the initial purchase for the e commerce store.

But, if you’re trying to find a thing that will likely be reliable and consistent, then you may perhaps not know where you should focus your attention.

Many e commerce store proprietors are finding that Facebook Advertising is an effectual way of generating revenue – and odds are the working platform is very theraputic for you, also.

In this article, we’re probably have a look at tips on how to produce your first e commerce store purchase, making use of Facebook Ads.

You’ll observe how you will find your ideal customer on system, and tips on how to produce appealing advertisements which will produce sales.

Because of the end for this post, you’ll understand how to arranged a Twitter advertisement campaign that could potentially begin making sales available for a passing fancy time.

Let’s start!

Evaluate who your customer is

Success with any kind of marketing system is reliant you having a clear understanding of just who your customer is.

And, Facebook isn’t any exemption – if you don’t know just who your target customer is, you won’t be capable of geting your advertisements in front of them, since you won’t understand how to.

With Facebook Ads, there are ways as you are able to shortcut this procedure – making use of Lookalike Audiences, an attribute wherein Facebook needs care of the concentrating on available.

Download this cheat sheet to learn simple tips to produce your first e-commerce store purchase making use of Facebook advertisements.

But, there was frequently no substitute on benefits that come from having a firsthand understanding of your prospects and knowing them extremely really.

In fact, higher level Facebook concentrating on features in many cases are reliant you providing precise concentrating on information in the first place, to allow them to work efficiently.

Consequently, it is best which you generate one thing referred to as a Buyer Persona, before beginning working advertisements.

A Buyer Persona is typically made to record the demographics, motivations, goals and worries of your market.

If you’re after a more precise meaning, here is a thing that will allow you to –


Note: if you learn your purchaser Persona is too broad which you’re struggling to make one thing definitive, it might be time to go back to the attracting board, when it comes to who you believe your e commerce store was created to offer.  

If this is the 1st time which you’ve produced an ecommerce store, you may be thinking that it’s a good idea to ‘go big’ and possess a shop that acts everyone.

However, you’ll realize that it’s in the beginning simpler to market down your offering, such that it acts a specific segment of your target market.

Once you do this, it’s much easier to compose content which persuasive. You’ll additionally be in a position to better target your advertisements.  Your product can also be better, because you’re creating it to focus on the requirements of a specific market.

As soon as you successfully offer a little segment of your market, then you’re able to think about transferring everything you’ve discovered to other sections of your target market.

So, let’s suppose i wish to offer jogging shoes.

I’ve niched down my market, so that We offer high-end jogging shoes created for people partaking in endurance/obstacle events.

Here’s a very fundamental purchaser Persona that i could formulate, considering a small amount of study.

Age groups: 23-45

Gender: Male & Female

Passions: Tough Mudder/ Spartan Race/

Desires: Comfortable shoes/Lightweight/Good Grip/Strong (won’t tear)/Drains liquid really

I’m able to achieve that audience on Facebook, through ‘Interest’ concentrating on.

The passions that I created are fine, however it could be better if I had various other passions which also represent the goal audience.

Having various other passions would provide me personally with various sides that i could use to achieve my market, when marketing to them.

Fortunately, i could learn various other passions using the Audience Insights device, provided by Facebook.

The Audience Insights device is a tool enabling for you to develop a detailed evaluation on a specific audience.

The ultimate way to use the device will be offer it with an intention that represents a potential audience.

The key right here, but is to look for one interest that almost all my target market need.

I’m able to after that use that interest to create various other relevant passions, by inputting it to the Audience Insights device.

So, in my situation, i could enter the ‘Spartan Race’ as a pursuit, because it’s one of the most well-known events.


After performing this, basically after that visit ‘Page Likes,’ I’m after that shown various other passions that audience features.


Having these records is useful, because i could today achieve people in special means.

For example, i could target people based on the vitamin and product organizations which they like, despite the fact that I’m selling jogging shoes.

And, that is of good use, because I’m today in a position to achieve customers in many ways that my rivals may possibly not have considered – definition advertisements could be cheaper.

So…Before you rush into marketing with Facebook, do the following–

  1. Make certain that you’re offering a specific segment of your target market
  2. Create a Buyer Persona and record their passions
  3. Choose typically the most popular interest
  4. Make use of that interest as a ‘seed interest,’ to simply help discover various other passions when making use of Audience Insights
  5. Put in writing the different types of passions which were came back because of the device.
  6. Be ready to use that information when concentrating on advertisements

Okay, today let’s have a look at creating advertisements.

The required steps to produce compelling advertisements

Ads typically have three components to them –

  • The content
  • The image
  • The structure

Structure has been discussed, because on Facebook, it is possible to produce movie advertisements as well as the normal News Feed and Sidebar Ads.

Typically, you’ll wish pay attention to News Feed advertisements and Video Ads.

First, let’s speak about News Feed Ads.

Photos perform a massive role, when it comes to how well your News Feed advertisement will likely be received.

There’s two types of photos as you are able to showcase for a Newsfeed Ad, when advertising and marketing an ecommerce store.

  1. Photos that merely show your product.
  2. Photos that emphasize a particular function of your product.

So, for my jogging shoes instance, I might have photos that merely show the footwear against a white back ground– samples of photos that show this product.

However, I might also have a picture of my footwear on a scale, showing how light these are typically – photos that emphasize a particular function of this product.

The greater imaginative as you are able to be, the higher your results will likely be.

Your advertisement content normally probably play a big role in deciding how well your advertisement performs.

You don’t wish overthink your advertisement content and work out an endeavor at composing one thing ‘clever.’

The key will be go back to your Buyer Persona and remember exactly what it’s your target market actually values.

Then, when composing your advertisement content, mention your product accommodates those values and needs.

So, the content for my advertisement, might get something like this –

‘Ultra lightweight jogging shoes created for barrier racers.’

100 grms. Designed to grasp perhaps not tear. Drainage water-fast.

Totally Free Delivery and Returns.’

That’s slightly primary, but ideally you will get where I’m going.

Testing will help me personally refine the content.  But, for the present time, it looks like one thing worth choosing.

You could realize that I’ve additionally included one thing about ‘free delivery and comes back.’ it is up to you whether you want to try something like that, however it’s a thing that can really help boost sales.

It’s a strong consideration, particularly when you take into account that 44percent of shoppers will abandon carts if shipping and managing costs are way too large.


You may even wish mention which you provide a voucher, inside advertisement content, particularly if you are advertising to people on a smart phone.

That’s because 63percent of customers feel a coupon is considered the most valuable type of mobile advertising.

In addition, 75percent of most mobile shoppers have used a voucher, showing so it’s a good way to entice individuals to buy.

Note: In most cases, the greater specific as you are able to be along with your advertisement content, the higher your conversion rates will are generally.

Personalization can really help drive conversion rates, but research has shown that just 38percent of entrepreneurs use personalization as an element of their advertising promotions.

So, when creating your advertisements, you should target specific regions or advertisement groups. You could after that wish compose your content such that it talks directly to those demographics.

So, an advertisement might read –  “Are you a hurdle runner in nyc?”

This is why, it can be a good idea to produce different ‘Ad Sets’ that target different groups inside your target market.

Today, let’s have a look at movie Ads.

Video Ads tend to be a little bit different.

If you would like learn more about creating movie advertisements, it is possible to read my guide right here.

Though movie Ads tend to be fundamentally different, you’ll nonetheless wish recognize a number of the recommendations above, linked to specificity and composing content.

You Will Find typically three types of Video Advertising as you are able to run –

  1. Video Ads that display this product and its particular features
  2. Testimonial Video Ads
  3. Video Ads that tell a story

Initiating movie advertisements that showcase the features of a product is relatively easy. Essentially, you merely have to show each point you’re making into the advertisement content.

If I state that my footwear tend to be rip evidence, I might do something that would generally result in footwear ripping and show how my footwear pass the test.

If I state that my footwear deplete liquid really, I might show videos of those in fact draining liquid.

And, the like etc.

Naturally, how to encompass every one of the advantages of your product is by exhibiting videos testimonial.

If you can have videos testimonial that comes from a single of your customers (just who represents your target market), you’ll have one thing extremely persuasive.

If they can talk about what they were coping with prior to, as a result of making use of ‘other’ products and exactly how your product fixed those problems, you’ll place your offering as the ideal option.

There’s additionally the option of telling a story, with Facebook movie Ads.

If you take enough time to inform a story regarding your product, before starting asking individuals to buy it, there’s a good chance as you are able to increase sales.

Refinery29 were able to boost membership rates by 56percent, by exhibiting a sequence of tale advertisements, compared to normal advertisements with a typical call-to-action.


So, exactly what should you do, to tell a story?

Really, exactly what you’re looking to do will be offer some insight into the organization therefore the product at issue.

You can produce video clips that explain the way the product was developed and exactly what inspired its creation.

You can even show the production of this product therefore the process it undergoes to be produced to a superior quality.

Actually creating your advertisements

Today, let’s have a look at tips on how to in fact make your advertisements.


Note: If you’d like to produce a Newsfeed Ad, after that aim for ‘Send individuals to your site.’

If You’d Like To produce Video Advertising, choose ‘Get Video Views.’

Whatever choice you decide on, the procedure is essentially the same.  Consequently, I’m probably concentrate on the ‘Send individuals to your site choice,’ for the sake of this post.

If, but you want to see a detailed walkthrough, when it comes to how to produce movie advertisements, you can check aside this post.


Choose a location for which you desire your advertisements shown. Additionally, choose this range and Gender right here.

It also helps to pick a language, simply to make sure your advertisements tend to be shown to those who will comprehend them.


Next, you must select the ‘Detailed targeting.’

This is how it helps to utilize the details from your Buyer Persona and everything you discovered from Audience Insights device.

You’ll additionally notice, into the image, that I’m given some relevant passions that may additionally be worth concentrating on.

Don’t get also crazy right here, as the more exactly as you are able to target your advertisement, the higher your results is.

In the event that you select a lot of different passions, you may be showing advertisements to a lot of people.

If you can be sure that your advertisements tend to be exactly focused, then you’re able to rule out concentrating on as a possible cause, when trying to workout the reason why an advertisement campaign is not producing outcomes.


Next you reach select ‘Placements.’

Note: There’s the choice right here to put Instagram advertisements.

Though it often helps to produce specific advertisement promotions created simply for Instagram, you need to be fine making it selected right here. In the event that you achieve mediocre outcomes, it is possible to deselect it later on.


Next, you must choose ‘Budgeting’ and exactly how a great deal you want to pay. Choose a daily spending plan that you are more comfortable with and work out it so your advertisements begin working right-away.


In terms of the ‘Bid quantity,’ pick the ‘Manual’ choice after which input a somewhat small figure.  This really is to make certain that Facebook is certainly not overcharging you.  This helps to ensure that you’re perhaps not overspending on advertisements.

Additionally, be sure that you select ‘Link mouse click (CPC)’ into the ‘if you are charged’ area.

This makes it so that you’re charged only once people visit your advertisement, perhaps not considering what amount of times it’s shown – providing you better control of your spend.

Once you move on the after that area, you are free to produce the advertisement it self.

There’s not much to state because of this area. Simply use everything you discovered earlier in the day, once we were addressing simple tips to produce the advertisements.


A very important factor to notice, but is that you might want to try out making use of a different sort of ‘call-to-action,’ every so often.


Tinkering with this particular feature might increase your conversion rates, though you’ll just know after you’ve run your advertisements for 2 times.

If you need more guidance, when it comes to creating the advertisements on their own, then you can read one of my articles right here.

Once you’ve submitted your advertisement, you’ll have to await Facebook to accept your advertisement and it will begin working briefly.


If you’re at this time struggling to generate ample sales for the e commerce store, you might not understand what you need to do to repair things.

Should you believe like you are advertising efforts tend to be caught in a routine, then it could be worth providing Facebook adverts a spin.

Facebook advertisements can be an amazing solution to produce sales for a fledgling e commerce store.

So long as you-know-who your customer is therefore appreciate the effort required of you to produce great advertisements – you’ll be able to push your revenue figures up.

Test today with a little spending plan.  There’s a good chance that you’ll acquire some fast wins.

Do you have any ideas to share, about making use of Facebook Ads for an Ecommerce store? Let me know into the commentary the following!

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